Falastine Abusaif

Falastine Abusaif

PGSB Fellow
An-Najah National University & RWTH Aachen University

Department: Physics Department

Faculty: Faculty of Science

Specialization: Physics

Accurate Specialization: Physics

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Salman Salman

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Physics Department/ Faculty of Science and Technology/Al-Quds University

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Hans Stroeher

Center in Juelich: Nuclear Physics Institute IKP-2

 Affiliated University in Germany:  RWTH Aachen University

Department: III. Physikalisches Institut B

The mission research period : from October 2017- to December 2020

Title of  Research: Development of compact highly sensitive beam position monitors for storage rings

Research Purpose: Developping new type of beam position monitors (BPMs) which are having low profile and high sensitivity based on the principle of pick up coils (Rogowski segmented coils)

Main outputs/results: Build and develop new Rogowski BPMs and calibrate them in the laboratory, some of these devises were successfully installed and tested in COSY storage ring. A new type of these BPMs with higher frequency bandwidth has recently been developed and installed in COSY in order to be operated with multi-bunch beam mode

Main Impact: With good care in assembling and calibrating the Rogowski BPMs, a very good resolution down to several tens of nano meters for a positional map with 441 as total number of scanned grids can be achieved. The installation of this devise in accelerator environment as well as validating its position readouts using the technique of local orbit bumps has proven a working calibration model. The low profile of less than 10cm for these types of BPMs is one big advantage especially for tight spaces in accelerators


  • Paticle Physics I course, RWTH Aachen Univ, Winter semester 2019/2020, student, Prof. Martin  Erdmann
  • Elementarteilchenphysik, RWTH Aachen Univ , summer semester 2019, Tutoring     (helping students in homework session), Prof. Stefan Roth
  • Statistical and data analysis course, RWTH Aachen Univ, Summer semester 2018, student, Prof. Joerg Pretz