The IX. Palestinian International Chemistry Conference


Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Palestine

Conference Program

Keynote Speakers


The Palestinian Chemical Society, in coordination with the Academy and Bethlehem University, are organizing 


1-2 November, 2019, at Bethlehem University


This conference will provide a platform for academics and researchers from various Palestinian universities and abroad to present their research in the various fields of Chemistry and discuss joint issues.

Research topics will cover various Chemistry disciplines, including: Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Additionally, conference topics may also include:

  • Nanochemistry and materials
  • Organometallics
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemistry Education

Important Dates

Field experts, researchers and students are invited to participate. Those who are interested in participating in either in the oral panel or the poster session are encouraged to apply by the following deadlines:

Submission of abstracts extended to: 30/9/2019 

Acceptance/approval of papers: 10/10/2019

Registration and application are closed

For more information, visit the conference webpage