A Nanotechnology Symposium


Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Ramallah & Al Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine


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June 27-28, 2019


Palestine Academy for Science and Technology in collaboration with Professor Munir Nayfeh and with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation is organizing the symposium on


“Towards establishing advanced materials and nano-technology research in Palestine”

من أجل نقل وتوطين علوم المواد المتقدمة والنانوتكنولوجيا في فلسطين




Nano technology and advanced materials are emerging as cornerstones for establishing knowledge-based industries. Nanotechnology has advantageous features for research, industry and commercialization. Advanced materials and nanotechnology have applications in energy conversion and storage and LED lighting, optoelectronics, biomedical, agricultural and food, environmental and mechanical and thermal applications, as well as commercialization issues. Fortunately, Nano-research is being undertaken by a number of scientists at different universities inside Palestine. Their activities focus on areas that are considered as high priority areas for the Palestinian society, such as renewable energy, environment, water and health. Moreover, students are directly involved in such activities, which adds another educational dimension. However, such activities are mostly isolated individual efforts, with no national agriculture compass. Moreover, researchers lack advanced services necessary to achieve their projects, such as advanced preparation and characterization equipment. Researchers tend to send their samples abroad in search for help, which could be costly and time consuming. The lack of such services is basically due to the relatively high cost of purchase, which would add to the burden on the shoulders of higher education institutes. The intended workshop will directly target such issues, and will come out with practical and feasible solutions to help Palestinian scientists undertake their research works in the maximal efficiency and minimal cost.


Symposium aims

  1. Highlighting the need for Nano-technology research in Palestine, staring with basic societal needs and reaching commercialization of advanced materials in the future. A step-wise strategy to be made
  2. Surveying areas of strength and areas of weaknesses in ongoing Nano-research activities, and pointing out what researchers need to effectively undertake their works
  3. Finding out specific gaps where PALAST can help in filling and furnishing services for scientists, without overlapping with other institutions (educational, governmental or non-governmental institutions). While helping fill the gaps, PALAST will be keen to promote maximal collaboration and networking between scientists inside Palestine, and with international counterparts. Involvement of students will add to the educational dimension of nanotech research
  4. Help in drawing a roadmap for the formation of a Palestinian Nano technology Hub


The symposium will conclude with a business meeting in which human, technical, organizational, and logistical requirements for the establishment of a Palestinian Nano technology Hub/ Center will be discussed in detail.


Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Munir Nayfeh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Dr. Hikmat Hilal, An –Najah University
  • Dr. Mohammad Shabat, Islamic University
  • Dr. Talal Shahwan, Birzeit University
  • Dr. Atef Qasrawi, Arab American University                                              


Steering Committee

  • Dr. Muayad Abu Saa, Arab American University
  • Dr. Hikmat Hilal, An Najah National University
  • Dr. Abdelraouf Elmanama, Islamic University Gaza 
  • Dr. Amal Alkahlout, Al Azhar University
  • Dr. Ibrahim Al Masri, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology


Who can attend 

Those who have an interest in Nano-technology or conducting research in Nano-technology or its applications from any discipline. Stakeholders from government, non-government and industry are also welcome.


Call for papers and submissions

Interested researchers are invited to submit their abstracts or full papers in the subject matter or in any of its applications for short talks, no later than 7 June 2019 to the following email address: Ibrahim.masri@palast.ps


Session # 1: Global perspectives of Nano-Tech

  • Dr. Munir Nayfeh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
  • Dr. Ahmad Bseisy, Uinversity Grenoble France; Head of CIME Nanotech
  • Dr. Bulent Aydogan, University of Chicago and University Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
  • Dr. Irfan Ahmad, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)


Session #2: Nano-tech research activities in Palestine

This can be given as a technical session, where researchers from Palestine can present their own results. This is an open session for interested researchers 


Session # 3: Strategic Session: Drawing road-map for establishing the service

This is invitational. Specialists should be invited to give programmed talks for specific subjects. Proposed talks/discussions/focus groups are

  • Current research activities in Palestine, need for services, ...etc.
  • Surveying main areas of strength and challenges in Palestine, summarizing from Session # 2.
  • Step-wise strategy to achieve goals (must be specific, feasible, realistic and economic) together with showing how to sustain each step. Must be compatible with economic social limitations inside Palestine. Example: Must show expected financial costs, durability, running costs, maintenance, technical support, technician training, service department, facilities & space, laboratories, service rooms, ……..etc.


Session # 4: Concluding Remarks: Final manifesto for what will be done with time scale



For further information

You may contact the Symposium coordinator: Dr. Ibrahim Almasri at 0594 770 200, or e-mail: Ibrahim.masri@palast.ps


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