Palestinian German Science Bridge PGSB - 5th PGSB Cooperation Workshop 2020


Juelich Research Center, Juelich, Germany

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the 5th Palestinian German Science Bridge Cooperation Workshop will be held in Juelich, from June 15-18, 2020, In collaboration between Juelich Research Center, Germany, and Palestine Academy for Science and Technology.

The Palestinian German Science Bridge Program -PGSB, which aims to develop joint research and education programs, is coordinated and implemented by the Academy and Juelich Research Center (FZJ), and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Scientific Research BMBF.

The workshop will focus on reporting of scientific results and  strengthening of existing collaborations, following three years of PGSB operations. The aim of this workshop is to focus on:

  • Expert meetings between scientific collaborations, including project Fellows and alumni
  • Reporting of current status of cooperation projects
  • Application and selection of new student candidates
  • Including new partners in the project
  • Introduction of research clusters and returners programs as a sustainable model for future cooperation plans

Tentative Program:

Day 1

  • Morning: Opening and first progress reports
  • Afternoon: Open business meeting, Topic: Building a sustainable bridge
  • Afternoon (parallel): Seminar for students about living and working in Jülich, applying for jobs in Jülich, hosted by human resources department and PGSB PhD Fellows
  • Conference dinner at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Day 2

  • Visit to RWTH Aachen University (time TBD)
  • Visit to highlight projects in Jülich institutes
  • Parallel program: student applicants visit Jülich institutes

Day 3

  • Morning: closed steering committee meeting
  • Morning (parallel): students in institutes
  • Afternoon: Progress reports

Day 4

  • Morning: Interviews
  • Afternoon: Advisory committee meeting
  • Late afternoon: Reception with closing remarks