Satellite events in Palestine in parallel to the Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine- MIT 2020 in USA


The attendance Places of the Satellite events in Palestine will be at An Najah National University, Palestine Polytechnic University, and Arab American University Palestine-Al-Rihan branch, and Al Aqsa University in Gaza

Short Bios of Prominent Scientists at the MIT Meeting

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, in coordination with Bisan Center for Research and Development and Al Aqsa University in Gaza, are organizing 

A Satellite events in parallel to the Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine

10-12 January, 2020, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, USA


The third International Meeting for Science in Palestine will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, USA, from January 10th through 12th, 2020, organized by the international organisation Scientists for Palestine, and sponsored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT in USA, Arab Astronomical Society, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, and Bisan Center for Research and Development.

the attendance places of satellite events in Palestine, which will be held simultaneously with the Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Boston, USA on 11 January, 2020 from 16:00-18:00 pm, in cooperation and coordination with An-Najah National University for the Northern Governorates, the Arab American University Palestine - Al-Rihan branch for the Central Governorates, Palestine Polytechnic University for the Southern Governorates of Palestine, and at Al-Aqsa University for all the Governorates in the Gaza Strip.

Places Halls
An-Najah National University The new university campus (The Academy) - College of Science, second floor - halls: 142010, 142020, 142070
Arab American University Palestine Al-Rihan Branch-Ramallah Conference Hall
Palestine Polytechnic University   Hebron- Wadi Al-Herria, University Administration Building (Building C), fourth floor
Al-Aqsa University Conference Hall
Seminar Hall
Videoconference Hall


The third international meeting aims to escalate and refine plans toward Scientists for Palestine’s primary objectives of advancing science in Palestine and integrating Palestinian sciences into the international scientific community by: enhancing collaboration between Scientists in Palestine and exile with key partners globally; highlighting Palestinian scientists and scientific development; and devising measurable goals toward these ends. The international meeting will provide space to access information about the challenges and successes of Palestinians practicing and researching science under occupation while also providing concrete opportunities for international scientists to get involved. A working group track will also run to help develop enhanced strategies to identify mechanisms for sustained international collaboration with and elevation of Palestinian scientists.

Synchronous meetings will be joined by scientists, including:

  • George Smith a Nobel Prize winner of 2018 in Chemistry  
  • David Mumford (PALAST Honorary member); one of the most renowned Mathematicians (Algebraic Geometry)
  • Tareq Loubani an assistant professor of medicine 
  • Nergis Mavalvala is a Marble Professor of astrophysics and MacArthur fellow 
  • Danya Qato an assistant professor of pharmacy 

The meeting will include presentations by Palestinian scientists from both Historic Palestine (Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel) and Palestinians abroad, as well as other young and established scientists from around the world.

The following Palestinian local committee for Scientists for Palestine will be joining the MIT 2020 meeting:

Registration for attending meeting in MIT, USA is closed

Registration for attending a Satellite events in Palestine is free (Deadline for registration is extended to 06 January 2020)

Appraisers your attendance and participation, which will serve as moral support for the convening of the Third International Conference for Science in Palestine and supporting Scientists for Palestine that are working for Palestinian Scholars and Palestine.

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