Simulation-based Science and Engineering Symposium


Red Crescent Society, Al Bireh, Ramallah

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, is organizing a three day  symposium on simulation-based sciences and engineering.
Motivation: Simulation technology has become one of the major pillars of science and technology, as it pervades all scientific disciplines and has become an indispensable tool for engineering and applied sciences. It is considered at the crossroads of mathematical modelling, science and engineering and computer science.

Keynote speakers from USA, UK, France, Germany and Palestine will present the case for simulation as a key research area of the future. The lectures are meant for a wide audience of different backgrounds with the aim to encourage the local researchers and universities to engage in a future-oriented research.

Invitation to attend: This is a fantastic opportunity for members of staff as well as PhD and MSc. students from any discipline in science and engineering to explore the huge opportunity offered in the area of simulation.

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International keynote speakers

  • Prof. Samuel Forest, MINES ParisTech, France: Simulation in Solid Physics and Material Sciences
  • Prof. Ahmad A. Hujeirat, University of Heidelberg, Germany: Simulation in Cosmology
  • Dr. Peter Korn, Max Planck Institute, Germany: Computational Ocean and Environmental Dynamics
  • Prof. Tim Ricken, Excellence Cluster Simulation Technology, Stuttgart University, Germany: Porous Media from Engineering to Biological Systems and Tumor Growth Modelling
  • Prof. Carlo Sansour, INSA Rennes, France (the scientific advisor of the Symposium): Computational Dynamics, Electro-Active Materials, Heart Modelling
  • Prof. Joerg Schroeder, University of Essen, Germany: Computational Material Science and MEMS, Arteries and the Cardiovascular System   
  • Prof. Paul Steinmann, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg University and University of Glasgow, UK/Germany: Computational Micro Mechanics and Electroactive Materials
  • Prof. Edriss Titi, Cambridge University, UK and TAMU, USA: Computational Mathematics
  • Prof. Franz-Josef Ulm, MIT, USA: Urban Physics, Resilience and Sustainability
  • Prof. Mohammed Zikry, NCSU, USA: Computational Modelling in Aerospace Engineering

Palestinian keynote speakers

  • Prof. Imad Barghouti, Al Quds University: Monte Carlo Simulation: Space Physics Applications
  • Dr. Mohammad Herzallah, Al Quds University, Rutgers University, USA: Computational Neuroscience
  • Prof. Ahmad Khamayseh, Palestine Polytechnic University: Framework of Simulation in Applied Sciences and Engineering
  • Prof. Mohammad Shabat, Islamic University: Modeling and Simulation of Nano Technology

Short talks

  • Ribhi Bsharat, An Najah University: Using Utility Index to Evaluate Risk-Benefit of Several Doses to Help in Dose Selection
  • Maher Aljabari, Palestine Polytechnic University: Analogy in Developing Mathematical Models for Solid Liquid Separation Processes in Industrial and Environmental Applications
  • Diya Arafeh, Palestine Polytechnic University: The Role of Simulation in the Transferability of Fracture Toughness Tests to Estimate Burst Pressurized Pipes
  • Monjed Samuh, Palestine Polytechnic University: Fitting Distributions with R
  • Abdulhakeem Eideh, Al Quds University: The Bootstrap Computer-based Method
  • Salaheddin Juneidi, Palestine Technical University- Aroub: Internet of Things (IoT): Big Data Modeling and Simulation
  • M. Shawahni, M. Abu Jafar and R. Jaradat, An Najah University: Structural, Electronic and Elastic Properties of the SrTMO3 (TM=Rh, ZR) Compounds: Insights from FP-LAPW Study
  • A. Daraghmeh and N. Qatanani, An Najah University: Optimal Control of Linear Systems with Balanced Reduced- Order Models: Perturbation Approximations
  • Mohammad M. Abu Samreh, Arab American University: Numerical Solution of the Diffusion and Uhleng Equations 
  • Yousef Zahaykah, Al Quds University: Finite Volume Galerkin Methods for Multidimensional hyperbolic Systems
  • R. Jaradat and M. Abu Jafar, An Najah University: Structural, Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of Alkali Hydrides XH (X=K), Rb, and Cs
  • Osama W. Atta, Palestine Polytechnic University: Simulation of Antennas and Indoor Propagation Modeling at PPU
  • Ashraf Hadoush, Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie: Finite Element Formulation of Internally Balanced Blatz-Ko Material Model
  • A. Jamoos and L. Ayyash, Al Quds University: Affine Projection Algorithm Based Decision Fusion for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Ahmed Abu Hanieh, Birzeit University: Research Based Engineering  Education
  • Alaa Armiti-Juber, Arab American University: Modeling and Simulation for Two-phase Flow in Asymptotically Flat Domains of Darcy- and Brinkman-type 
  • S. Wadaah, A. Mujahed, R. Herbawi, B. Abu Dbaa and N. Rajab, Isolation and Microbiological Activity of Whey Protein; Field of Application: the Formation of Topically-applicable Cosmetic Compositions
  • S. Abu Msleh, O. Scholten, D. Mosbah, Palestine University: Promising Nuclear Aspects Using Interacting Boson Stimulation
  • S. Shanak and V. Helms, Arab American University, Saarland University, Germany: Salt Conditions Affect Interaction of MBD2 Protein with Methylated and Unmethylated DNA

Organizing committee

  • Saed Mallak, Palestine Technical University Kadoorie 
  • Hussein Shanak, Palestine Technical University Kadoorie
  • Salem Abu Musleh, Palestine University 
  • Muayyad Abu Saa, Arab American University 
  • Awni Abu Samaan, Al Azhar University
  • Salah Agha, Islamic University
  • Marwan Alkawni, Quds Open University
  • Khalil Alzabayneh, Hebron University
  • Amjad Barham, Palestine Polytechnic University
  • Ahmad Hasasneh, Palestine Ahliya University
  • Sami Jaber, An Najah University
  • Huwaida Rabee, Birzeit University
  • Ayman Soboh, Al Aqsa University
  • Adel Taweel, Birzeit University
  • Yousef Zahaykah, Al Quds University

For further information: contact the symposium coordinator, Dr. Ibrahim Almasri at 0594770200,