Watermedyin Training programme for Startup companies from Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia


All training sessions will be held online via the Zoom platform

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The training is addressed to startups from the 3 target countries selected among those responding to the invitation to participate in the public call for supporting and strengthening START-UPS operating in the sustainable management of water and marine resources, and in the agri-food and coastal development sectors.

All training sessions will be held online via the Zoom platform.

The training programme will start on April 28th and will include 1 session per week until May 26th. 
In the 5 sessions (+ 1 or 2 events that will be added later) the selected startups from the 3 project countries will be brought together for a joint 3-hour seminar taking place on Wednesday mornings each week.
The weekly seminars will focus on the following subjects:

  1. (April 28): Customer Engagement: This session will go through some techniques in how to engage potential customers to gain feedback, and how to continue to make customer engagement a part of how a company runs
  2. (May 5): Sales and Business Development: This session will cover some fundamentals about how to sell, the inbound and outbound sales strategies, how to sell value instead of selling features of a product or service, and why does this matter in sales today and how and when to approach customers to sell.
  3. (May 12): Access to Finance: This workshop will highlight all the available sources of funding in the launch phase of a startup. Participants will learn about the intricacies of developing a sound funding model and will learn of the pros and cons of each element of the financing mix.
  4. (May 19): Team management: This session will cover the most fundamental questions that a team should consider when they agree to work together and when they need to expand by hiring new staff members.
  5. (May 26): Pitching: preparing a pitch and communicating wisely about your business and its added value. LEARN&COACHING.

Participants will benefit from four weekly coaching sessions dedicated to support them in overcoming their challenges in the above-mentioned topics.

There will be a team of trainers and coaches including professionals of the
incubation industry and experts with wide hands-on experience in supporting and coaching startups worldwide.

  1. Giordano Dichter, specialised in supporting actors worldwide in creating and delivering entrepreneurship support services to startups and SMEs, continuously delivers support to a wide multitude of actors in private sector development. He has developed the ESVC methodology and toolset (www.hndpartners.eu/methdology).
  2. Tom Strodtbeck, a mentor and advisor to startups, a pitch coach, and three times a company founder. Tom is the Cofounder of Global Growth Hub Ltd, which operates seed and growth acceleration programmes for promising technology startups and scale-ups from around the world.
  3. Aurelien Troonbeeckx: Entrepreneur and coach, Aurelien was able to found a startup (MotionTribe) of which he was CEO and successfully raised capital (600k€ equity + 150k debt) and managed a team of 10 people. He expanded the B2B marketplace to 7 countries and successfully exited the company in 2019.