The Academy Convenes with the French Consul General

The Academy Convenes with the French Consul General

12 March, 2019

The Academy welcomed the French Consul General, Mr. Pierre Cochard, and the Attachée de Coopération Universitaire et Institutionnelle, Ms. Nawal Ben Zemouri, for a follow-up briefing of the Academy’s official visit to France earlier in December of last year, which was coordinated and supported by the French Consulate General in Jerusalem. 

Dr Awartani, the Academy President, described the visit to France as eventful with a stacked program that involved meetings with representatives and executives from the French Academy of Sciences, National Scientific Research Center, National Research Agency, French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, National Alliance for Environmental Research, National Institute of Agronomic Research, Research Institute for Development, French Agricultural Research and International Cooperation Organization and the Council of University Presidents, who were all eager to help and were welcoming for cooperation. Dr. Awartani explained that collaborations with the Academy will be overarching and encompassing all Palestinian universities from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, and the Academy will serve as the vehicle. 

The French Consul General was briefed about and the agreement made to welcome a high-level French Delegation from the above research organizations in Palestine, tentatively scheduled for June of 2019. The visit comes as the next step towards formulating the framework for a sustained collaboration in science and technology between the two countries, which will be followed by a joint scientific symposium in Ramallah.

In turn, Mr. Cochard kindly endorsed the plans, and confirmed support and coordination by the Consulate in Jerusalem, the French Ministry of Higher Education and the French Research Institute for Development. Mr. Cochard emphasized the importance of the future French-Palestinian collaborations in the various research fields, and elaborated on the existing support schemes the Consulate is providing for science and technology education and research programs in Palestine, and asserted their continued commitment to supporting the Academy's mission and the upcoming Palestinian French Science Bridge.