The Academy Hosts the annual meeting for the ECOPAL FORUM for protection of nature

The Academy Hosts the annual meeting for the ECOPAL FORUM for protection of nature

4 July, 2021

The ECOPAL Forum held the 4th annual meeting at main office of Palestine Academy for Science & Technology to discuss a rich agenda for the past year to enforce the special cooperative relation between the two associations. The most productive outcomes were the support of the Academy to the ECOPAL were holding the regional conference on challenges facing environment in the Arab World with focus on status of environment in Palestine. And the 2nd one was the support for the publication of 1st series on flora Palestina of plant biodiversity. Both activities were highly appreciated by community and specialists in the field of conservation of nature. For the current year and despite of Corona pandemic the ECOPAL put a rational lost of activities to be conducted in future, which includes:

  1. To strengthen the relation of ECOPAL with other ministries and universities and motivate university students as active force for protection of nature and environmental education.
  2. For the scientific publication ECOPAL will organize the 2nd conference and writing a special issue on trees and shrubs of flora Palestina. The Academy and ECOPAL will work to secure funding.
  3. The ECOPAL will arrange to organize special seminars for TV media on three topics: environmental awareness and education, rare plants of Flora Palestina and the destructive disease which destroys the natural vegetation in the Mediterranean region including Palestine.

At the end of meeting, the ECOPAL urge the scientific community to be engaged in the activities of the Forum locally to achieve globally for the protection of nature on planet.