Communication and Media Committee of the “OWSD-Palestine National Chapter” Meetings

Communication and Media Committee of the “OWSD-Palestine National Chapter” Meetings

13 August, 2021

Several meetings were held via Zoom for the Communication and Media Committee, with the participation of the contact point from the Executive Committee and the Executive Secretary of the Palestinian platform "Women in Science", Professor Dr. Hala Jarallah El-Khozondar - the Islamic University, and the participation of members Dr. Dalal Erekat - Arab American University and Dr. Bahia Abu Al-Lail - An-Najah National University, Dr. Maryam Fasfus - Palestine Polytechnic University, Professor Alaa Al-Fuqaha - The National Hospital, Dr. Rozan Atili - Hebron University and Dr. Suhad Omar - Birzeit University

The committee includes a number of members from different scientific disciplines in electrical engineering, public relations, public health, neuroscience, chemistry and statistical analysis, and the members are located in various geographical areas in Palestine, which adds flexibility in implementing the committee’s activities and achieving its community service goals.

Where effective ideas were discussed to develop a clear vision of the committee’s work mechanism and the desired goals to support and develop women’s capabilities in various fields, and a brochure was designed to introduce OWSD - Palestine Branch, as well as an agreement to issue introductory videos for members of the Palestinian platform and circulate it locally and internationally to deliver a voice Researchers and urged others to join the platform

A symposium on statistics will be announced soon by Dr. Maryam Fasfus, who specializes in this field, under the umbrella of the Palestinian platform, and a series of meetings with students who received scholarships to study outside Palestine, whether for masters or doctoral degrees, was proposed. In order to enhance the role of women at the personal and societal levels.

Where the participants praised the importance of the committee’s role as an integral part of the other committees emanating from the platform in the field of research, fundraising, community outreach and others, and agreed on the next steps that would raise the voice of the platform and deliver it to the international community