Follow up meeting of the Founding Council of the Palestinian Chemical Society

Follow up meeting of the Founding Council of the Palestinian Chemical Society

18 August, 2020

A meeting for the Founding Council of the Palestinian Chemical Society (PCS) was held through Zoom Webinar on  August 14th ,  2020, and in the presence of the members of the Society in the West Bank and Gaza.

The meeting was devoted to discuss the revised action plan, due the inability to implement the original plan according to the closures and repercussions of the Corona pandemic, that was set by Academy with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNF) , towards Promoting Higher Education and the Private Sector through Dialogues of the Business Community, Academia and Politics, aiming to support and strengthen All five Scientific Societies. by establishing a working mechanism and a program to implement the proposed activities until the end of the year.

  • During the meeting, the Founding Council approved the two event workshop:
  • Founding Council meeting to review the Society's bylaws, for approval, in order to begin the Society membership procedure and applications. 
  • Strategies to Attract Students into Chemistry, through a short summer camp to start attracting the attention of students towards the science subjects which is really facing a very dramatic decrease in the number of students.

The meeting resulted in appointing Dr. Mohammad Suleiman Shtaya to be in the Scientific Committee for the Call “Academy-Industry Cooperation Bridge AICB”, that aims funding five joint applied research between researchers from various scientific Societies and private sector companies, based on the principle of partnership between academia and industry, that should  meet the real needs of society,  based on criteria determined by the committee in advance to ensure transparency, equality of opportunity and quality of research proposals.