PGSB Announced-PGSB Fellows and Alumni Award Competition

PGSB Announced-PGSB Fellows and Alumni Award Competition

3 July, 2020

The current circumstances relating to Covid-19 presents new challenges for scientific networking, mobility of researchers and communication of results and ideas, especially on the international level.

As a program with the motto, ‘Connecting People with Ideas’, the Palestinian-German Science Bridge is dedicated to finding alternative formats to continue our progress in building excellent research cooperation between the research center Jülich and the research institutions in Palestine.

PGSB Fellows have always played a very important role within the project. Their status reports are a highlight of the PGSB Cooperation Workshops and the networking visits of PhD Fellows to Palestinian universities have become very important in helping to strengthen the bridge, as the bridge matures as a project, we are also privileged to have the support of a growing network of alumni in Palestine.

To combat the mobility restrictions we are currently facing, and despite the unfortunate cancellation of our yearly Cooperation Workshop, the advisory committee announced up to five prizes for the best presentations (15-20 minute Power Point presentation), and awarding a prize money of 1,000.00 € . and all PGSB Fellows can submit a yearly status presentation in the form of a video recording. 

The video presentations will be posted on the PGSB and PALAST homepages, sharing the scientific knowledge and achievements with all project participants and the wider scientific community to continue our joint activities within the science bridge. 

The submission deadline is 31 July, 2020.

A well-explained scientific presentation for a scientifically educated audience (although not necessarily in your field of expertise) will address the following aspects of work, networking experiences and ideas:

  • scientific background
  • original scientific research
  • transfer of ideas and networking between Jülich and Palestinian research institutions
  • scientific outreach