PGSB Research Cluster Meeting- Solar Energy and its Applications

PGSB Research Cluster Meeting- Solar Energy and its Applications

5 August, 2021

The Academy hosted a meeting at Academy premises on Tuesday 03 August, also virtually via Teams between Palestinian researchers for Photovoltaics research cluster, the meeting was attended by researchers from various Palestinian Universities from West Bank and Gaza, in addition to the representatives from Palestinian Energy and Natural resources Authority and Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Council

A doctoral researcher Suheir Nofal at IEK-5: Photovoltaics, Juelich Research Center FZJ in Germany within the Palestinian-German Science Bridge led the meeting. She has started to build a research group (Research Cluster) in the field of solar energy and its applications within the new phase of the bridge. 
She will be the link between Palestinian researchers in Palestinian universities from one side and German researchers at the Juelich Research Center from the other side. During the next year, her job beside scientific research will be to organize the research group as the link between the two parties under the umbrella of the Palestinian-German Science Bridge (PGSB).

During the meeting, she presented the main topics to be implemented in Palestine with a continuous monitoring and support from the German side, to help improving the research infrastructure in Palestine. The topics were proposed after multiple meetings with the German side to decide the best topics to be applied.