Professor Malkawi interacts with students' questions about epidemic diseases

Professor Malkawi interacts with students' questions about epidemic diseases

30 May, 2021

The Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Palestine Academy for  Science and Technology and the Higher Council   for innovation and Excellence, hosted, virtually, within the eighth episode of the (Exploring Science) program, Dr. Hanan Issa Malkawi, lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences at Yarmouk University of Jordan, where she  talked about  new and interesting topics and issues around epidemic diseases  and pandemics


During  two and a half hours, Prof. Malkawi presented a rich and interesting lecture, characterized by the students' interaction and their questions and scientific interventions on the topics they addressed, especially those related to the Covid-19 pandemic, pointing to historical contexts related to epidemiology and the use of modern technology such as "nano" in the early detection of epidemic diseases, emphasizing awareness, prevention and conducting specialized research in this field. At the beginning of the episode, the Minister of Education, Prof. Marawan Awartani , spoke  about   guest  Malkawi, praising her important scientific and research experiences, stressing that the next  episodes of " Exploring Science  " will witness qualitative additions, and focus more on engaging students in managing dialogues  with researchers and scientists;  That reflecting the real  orientation; To make them participating and active and not recipients of information.
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