Areej Al Khatib

Areej Al Khatib

OWSD Palestine National Chapter Member, Executive Committee
Bethlehem University

Areej Khatib is a Medical Doctor  specialized in Pathology, an assistant professor in Bethlehem University/ Science faculty. 

She graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology as an MD, worked for a few years as a general practitioner, then went to Hadassah Medical Center where she completed her residency in pathology in 2008. In 2005, she got  a scholarship from the National institution of health (NIH) in the USA to John Hopkins University; where she completed a  fellowship in Molecular pathology. In 2015, she got a diploma in project management from Bethlehem University. Now she is finishing her master degree in International health leadership at Mc Gill University, Montreal. Canada.

She started her clinical practice as a pathologist in 2009 as a director of a private pathology lab then moved to Augusta Victoria Hospital, a Non-Governmental Organization in 2012, as Head of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, until 2015. In 2016, she was the Head of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, in a private sector hospital in Ramallah; The Istishari Arab Hospital. 

Her research interests are in pathophysiology of cancer, liver disease and molecular pathology. 
She was a director and a member in national organizations as national infection control committiee, national cancer screening committee and is the executive secretary of the Palestinian Oncology Society, she is interested in young girls mentoring in ‘Go Girls’ program.

She is a mother of tow boys, professional poet and like gardening and writing. 

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