Dima Abubaker

Dima Abubaker

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University

Previous work place: Technology Teacher, Ministry of education, Jenin, Sales Engineer, Canaan Faire Trade, Jenin

Specialization: Applied Mathematics, Industrial engineering as bachelor’s degree

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Muyad Abu Saa

Plestiniane supervisor affiliation: Physics/faculty of science/ Arab American University

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Robert Muecke

FZJ Center: Institute of Energy and Climate research IEK-1

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH Aachen University

Title of the research: Large-strains mechanics and electro-mechanical coupling in electro-chemical and enhanced sintering.

Purpose and aims of the research:  In batteries, the active materials exhibit a volume change during lithiation and delithiation which cause mechanical stress and fatigue during the course of electro-chemical cycling which is in particular critical for current high-performance cathode electrodes. One solution is the inclusion of strain tolerant elastomers in the mixed cathode which will deform significantly during this process. In order to predict the stress state and the resulting damage accurately, a large strain description of the visco-elastic material is required in combination with an electro-mechanically coupled material model for the active material. Furthermore, the layered active materials such as LCO or NMC show a strong structural and mechanical anisotropy which has to be considered. Interestingly, the same physical and mathematical framework is not only needed to develop other electro-chemical devices such as SOFCs, but also for the description of the powder densification during sintering at elevated temperatures which is the base for manufacturing the complex material systems of these devices. This common mathematical/numerical framework shall be developed in this PhD thesis. It will allow to improve the materials and the design of batteries and fuel cells towards longer life-times and facilitate the manufacturing of complex multilayer structures during sintering.