Dr. Feras Fayez Al Battah

Dr. Feras Fayez Al Battah

Faculty research cluster exchange
Arab American University

Department: Biology & Biotechnology Department

Faculty: Sciences 

Specialization: Stem Cell Biologist 

Cluster participants in FZJ /German universities: Csiszár, Agnes, Institute of Complex systems,  Biomechanics (ICS-7), FZJ Juelich, Germany, Hoffmann, Bernd, Institute of Complex Systems, Biomechanics (ICS-7), Qdemat, Asma, Cologne University, Cologne, Germany, Department of Physical Chemistry, Schmitz, Sabine, Department of Safety and Radiation Protection, Radiation Biology

Cluster participants at Palestinian universities: Abu Abed, Omar , Hebron University, Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine, Abu Reesh, Mosab, Hebron University, Faculty of Phamacy, Makharza, Sami , Hebron University, Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine, Assali, Mohyeddin, An-Najah National University, 
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Research Cluster Title: Nanosciences; Carbon nanotubes in neuronal networks & Exosomes - a promising tool at the interface between basic research and applied research in a clinical context

Role in the research cluster: My role will include cell culturing of neural and cancer cells (2D & 3D), characterization of cells using immunofluorescence and advanced microscopy techniques.