Dr. Rana Samara

Dr. Rana Samara

Faculty research cluster exchange
Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie (PTUK)

Department: Horticulture and Agriculture Extension

Faculty: Agricultural Science and Technology

Specialization: Entomology & biological control`

Cluster participants in FZJ /German universities: Disch, Sabrina and Qdemat,Asmaa, Department of Physical Chemistry,  Cologne University,  

Cluster participants at Palestinian universities: Qubbaj, Tawfiq, An-Najah National University, Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

Research Cluster Title: Applications of nanoparticles in agriculture and their role in disease management

Role in the research cluster: lead of the investigation of environmental risk assessment 
Main objective: this research cluster group focuses on the fabrication of inexpensive silica nanoparticles bio-pesticides, which includes local indigenous microbial bio-agents (entomopathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses..ect ) or indigenous essential oils and plant extracts. Bioassay, efficacy and environmental risk assessment, technology and knowledge transfer.