Ghadeer Derbas

Ghadeer Derbas

PGSB Fellow
Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie &  Wuppertal University

Home Palestinian University: Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie

Department: Building Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Specialization: Architectural Engineering

Accurate Specialization: Architectural Engineering

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Samir Abu Eisheh

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Civil Engineering/Faculty of Engineering and information technology/ An Najah National University 

Degree aims: Ph.D. of Architecture 

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Karsten Voss/ Wuppertal University and Dr. Mohcine Chraibi/FZJ

Centre in Juelich: Civil Safety Research (IAS-7), Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS).

Affiliated University in Germany: Wuppertal University  

Department: Building physics and technical building equipment

Faculty: School of Architecture and Building Engineering

The mission research period: from 2018 – to 2021

Title of Research: Robustness of Building Design and Solar Shading Control Strategies in terms of Occupant Behaviour

Research Purpose: Understand the occupants’ interactions with automated external shading devices, deriving occupant-centric rules for shading optimal design, and testing the building robustness with respect to occupant behaviour.

Main Impact: decrease the gap between the predicted and real energy consumption of the office buildings.

Sharing Conferences:

  • Annex 79 2nd meeting, March, 2019/ San Antonio, TX.
  • PGSB workshop, April, 2019/Palestine.
  • Annex 79 3rd meeting, September, 2019/University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy.
  • Annex 79th 4th meeting and OB-20 international symposium, April, 2020/University of Southampton/UK.

Publication: Day, Julia K., et al. "A review of select human-building interfaces and their relationship to human behaviour, energy use and occupant comfort." Building and Environment (2020): 106920.