Hala Nasri Shehdeh Alqam

Hala Nasri Shehdeh Alqam

PGSB Fellow
Palestine polytechnic university

Major: Applied biology .

German Supervisors: Dr. Christina Kuchendorf  IBG-2 Jülich, Dr. Arnd Jürgen kuhn  IBG-2 Jülich.

Palestinian Supervisor: Dr. Sharaf Al-Tardeh  applied biology at Palestine Polytechnic University                                                   .            .
Research Project: Fate of Nutrients Transferred By Microalgae .

Project goal: The aim of this project is to take advantage of the nutrients present in microalgae to use it as a biofertilizer to treat nutrient-poor soils that have high or low salinity, or soil which have a specific percentage of some elements that make it alkaline soil ( Such as quarry soil and areas near it) ; and make it more suitable for agriculturaling, and make it rich of important elements for plant cultivation, and provide the best environment for plant growth to give the best production.