Hanan Hamamera

Hanan Hamamera

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University-Palestine & RWTH Aachen University

Faculty: Physics 

Degree aims: PhD 

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Samir Lounis 

Center in Juelich: Peter Grünberg Institut & Institute for Advanced Simulation (PGI_1/IAS_1) 

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH Aachen University 

The mission research period: 10.03.2018-28.02.2021 

Title of  Research: Ultrafast charge, spin, and orbital physics 

Research Purpose: Investigation of ultra-fast magnetic excitations in the real-time domain

Sharing Conferences:

  • DPG meeting, oral presentation, March, Dresden(canceled).
  • IAS_1 Institute retreat, attendance, 05.08.2019-08.08.2019, Mosel.
  • DPG meeting, poster, 31.03.2019- 05.04.2019, Regensburg.
  • IAS_1 internal seminar, oral presentation, 28.10.2019, FZJ.

Main outputs/results: code development: real-time propagation/ investigation of magnetization dynamics in metallic bulk and bilayers excited by a laser pulse or a train of laser pulses.

Publications: paper in preparation.