Heba Alrakh 

Heba Alrakh 

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University (AAUP)

Specialization: Mechatronics Engineering 

Palestinian supervisor:: Dr. Ali Abu Arra 

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Medical imaging and biophysics department, An Najah University

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Christoph Lerche 

Center in FZJ: Full Name with abbreviaion: Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-4)

Affiliated University in Germany: 

Title of  Research: Attenuation Correction for an Ultra-High-Field MR BrainPET insert

Research Purpose: The Institute of Neuroscience and medicine at the FZJ is currently building a new-generation Ultra High Field (UHF)-MRI-compatible BrainPET insert for dedicated neuroimaging. The PET insert is expected to be finished by the end of 2021 and to offer an unprecedented peak sensitivity of ~12 % and a markedly improved and more homogeneous spatial image resolution of 1.5–2.5 mm over its FOV. Compared to modern, commercially available whole-body PET systems, the image voxel volume will be reduced by a factor of 20. In addition, novel reconstruction methods allow excellent denoising of the reconstructed PET images. In order to exploit the superior image quality also for quantitate imaging, an accurate and precise attenuation correction of the patient and the MR/PET components must be developed and evaluated for the UHF MR/PET Insert. Special emphasis must be put on taking into account spontaneous patient/volunteer motion.

Aims of the research: improved techniques for attenuation correction shall be implemented, validated and evaluated for our existing MR/PET scanners.

Research Cluster: Neuroscience

Role in the research Cluster:  PhD Student