Mufid F. Alawna

Mufid F. Alawna

PGSB Fellow
Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK)

Study program : Mechanical Engineering

Specialization area : Solid Mechanics

German supervisor: Prof. Ghaleb Natour, Institute: Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics-Engineering and Technology (ZEA-1).

Palestinian supervisor : Eng. Yazeed Sleet, college of engineering and technology, Computer System engineering department, PTUK

Project title : Thermal image processing for carbon-based material analysis.

The aim of project : Thermal images are generally used to give an image of a body temperature, as the image covers all the area of the body and thus we can know the places with more and less heat. The aim of this project is to develop an early warning tool and a decision support system based on thermo image analysis. This affordable tool enables the user to identify promptly places of failure in an element within a mechanism.