Rama Hendawi 

Rama Hendawi 

PGSB Fellow
An Najah National University 

Specialization: pharmacology 

Accurate Specialization: tissue engineering 

Palestinian supervisor: Prof. Mohyeddin Assali 

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Department of pharmacy/ Faculty of medicine and health science/ An Najah National University 

Degree aims: MSc research project 

FZJ Supervisor: : Dr. Bernd Hoffmann

Center in FZJ: Institute of Biological Information Processing (IBI-2)

Affiliated University in Germany: Bonn university 

Title of  Research: Functionalized carbon nanomaterials for establishing biomimetic neuronal 
3D systems

Research Purpose: the goal is to develop functional systems for directing neuronal cell growth with subsequent functional synapse formation using a combinatory approach of nanomaterials sciences