Rudina Munjid Subaih

Rudina Munjid Subaih

PGSB Fellow
Arab American University - Palestine

Specialization: Computer Science.

German supervisor: Dr. Mohcine Chraibi, Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-7), Jülich research center.

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Mohammed Maree, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Arab American University, Palestine.

Project title: Towards a Context-oriented Human Motion Prediction Approach. 

Aim of the project : Humans’ motion is usually influenced by several factors, such as culture, environment, and gender. The influence of such factors becomes more critical in crowded spaces wherein little comfort zones are available for humans to move comfortably. In our research, we aim to investigate by means of neuronal networks the most influential factors that impact the dynamics of humans moving in crowded spaces by employing a dataset of experimentally-derived human motion trajectory data. Our proposed approach will act as a context-oriented support system that identifies and highlights the most suitable parameters, such as the number of pedestrians, expected velocity, and needed comfort zone when designing smart walking spaces.