Sahar Hassan

Sahar Hassan

OWSD Palestine National Chapter Member
Birzeit university

Sahar J. Hassan, Associate Professor of Nursing, Dean of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions Faculty, Birzeit University, Palestine. Dr. Hassan earned her PhD in Women’s Health from University of Oslo in Norway, and her Masters’ MSN degree in Nursing Science from University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Dr. Hassan is a nurse-midwife, educator, researcher and women’s health specialist.  Dr. Hassan joined Birzeit University in 2004; worked as an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Community and Public Health; received many research grants, led qualitative, quantitative and operational researches including multi-country studies and has more than 20 publications in peer reviewed Journals and more than 20 published abstracts, professional reports, clinical guidelines and policy papers. In 2019, Dr. Hassan was promoted to Associate Professor in Nursing, and was assigned to the deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions.

Her research focused on area of women’s health, specifically; e-health, translating evidences into practice during normal childbirth, clinical practices, morbidities, near miss, quality of care during normal childbirth, working conditions of maternal health care providers (midwives, nurses, and physicians), integration of community health workers in home visiting for postnatal care. In 2014, she collaborated with two Norwegian physicians and won a research grant, in which, she conducted her post-doctoral multi-center clinical research in the area of maternal e-health in the West Bank and Gaza. She supervised three Palestinian Physicians (Obstetricians) to pursue their PhD degree at the University of Oslo. She supervised 15 research projects for undergraduate nursing students.

Dr. Hassan has a longstanding nursing and midwifery leadership experience in Palestine and the MENA region, worked in government and non-government clinical and educational organizations, led interdisciplinary national teams, carried out many national and regional professional consultancies in the area of curriculum development and evaluation for Nursing and Midwifery programs, clinical guidelines and protocols and evaluation of health workforce. She is also on the Research Advisory Network (RAN) working on the Research Agenda for ICM, a member of a multidisciplinary regional Reproductive Health Working Group (RHWG) and a co-founder of the Palestinian Midwives’ National Committee. Dr. Hassan is a reviewer for many scientific peer-review Journals, has many local, regional and international presentations. 

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