Sara Alsharif

Sara Alsharif

PGSB Fellow
Al-Quds University & Bonn University

Faculty: Pharmacy

Specialization: Nanotechnology

Accurate Specialization: Liposomes

Palestinian supervisor:  Prof. Yousef Najajreh

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Department/Faculty/ University: Al-Quds University, Faculty of Pharmacy

Degree aims: PhD

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Agnes Csiszár

Center in Juelich: Institute of Biological Information Processing IBI-2: Mechanobiology

Affiliated University in Germany: Bonn University

Faculty: Chemistry

The mission research period : from 7th Oct 2019 – to 6th Oct 2022

Title of  Research: Novel fluorescent platinum(IV) derivatives and their delivery by fusogenic liposomes as nanocarriers into cancer cells 

Research Purpose: Development of highly efficient cancer therapy with reduced side effects: incorporation of anti-cancer therapeutics into fusogenic liposomes

Main outputs/results: 

  • Development a preparation method for FL.
  • Determination of DMSO evaporation time.
  • Determination of DMSO amounts to dissolve the lipid.
  • Additional homogenization step: freezing and thawing.