Sara Yusuf Alkhereibi 

Sara Yusuf Alkhereibi 

PGSB Fellow
Islamic University Gaza & Al Quds University

Specialization: Physics

Accurate Specialization: Optoelectronic Physics 

Palestinian supervisor: Prof. Mohammad Shabat - Islamic University Gaza & Dr. Husain Alsamamra – AlQuds University.

FZJ Supervisor: Prof. Joachim Mayer 

Center in FZJ: Ernst Ruska for Microscopy and Spectroscopy – ERC-2 

Affiliated University in Germany: RWTH Aachen University.

Title of  Research: Photovoltaics Structure and Properties for Novel Solar Cell Concepts. 

Research Purpose:  The proposed project focuses on the characterization of new materials and innovative device architectures for sustainable photovoltaics based on thin films.  A central requirement for the successful development of materials, devices and production technology is an extensive set of characterization methods that are used to analyze the optoelectronic and structural properties of thin-film materials and related devices. These activities include all relevant length scales from atomistic resolution of nanostructures and elementary processes up to the yield analysis of modules or photovoltaic systems.

Research Cluster: Energy Materials