Shahd Maher Ali Al Jamal

Shahd Maher Ali Al Jamal

PGSB Fellow
Palestine Polytechnic University PPU

Specialization: Applied Biology

Accurate Specialization: Applied Biology/ Plant Nutrition

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Sharaf Al- Tardeh

Palestinian Supervisor affiliation: Coordinator, Applied Biology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Program Palestine Polytechnic University

Degree aims: Bachelor of Sciences.

FZJ Supervisor: Dr. Arnd Kuhn and Dr. Christina Kuchendorf

Center in FZJ: Institute for bio and geosciences: IBG-2

Affiliated University in Germany: Köln

Title of Research: “Effects of different carbon and nutrient compounds from locally available sources as soil additives on growth and quality of plants”

Research Purpose: To investigate the effects of different nutrient compounds (Biochar, Carbohydrates etc.) on the plant quality and productivity. 

Aims of the research:

  1. To investigate the safe transfer of nutrients such as N and P from wastewater to crop plants in the form of bio-fertilizer using ATS (Algae Turf Schrrber) method.
  2. Use of "Terra Preta - Soils" model.
  3. Use of marginal for sustainable crop production.
  4. Increase crop productivity, reduction of the necessary irrigation and fertilization, increase in the value of the areas.
  5. Using of fertilizers "bio-char & algae biomass".

Research Cluster: Sustainable Agriculture Research Cluster

Role in the research Cluster: BSc student