High-level Meeting between Ministry of Education and scientific Societies, National Initiatives embraced under PALAST Umbrella

High-level Meeting between Ministry of Education and scientific Societies, National Initiatives embraced under PALAST Umbrella

26 كانون الثاني, 2021

The Academy hosted a meeting between high-level delegation from Ministry of Education and Scientific Societies (Mathematical, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Plant Production and Protection and Communications and Informatics), in addition to the National Initiatives  embraced under PALAST Umbrella (Palestine Young Academy PYA, OWSD Palestine National Chapter, Nova Society for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Scientific Forum for Nature Conservation ECOPAL, the Research and Education Exploratory Committee at Scientists for Palestine S4P, in addition to the director of the Palestinian Neurosciences Initiative PNI, the director of Al Nayzak Foundation, and a group of scientists And Palestinian researchers from Palestine and Diaspora.

The meeting was opened by HE Prof. Marwan Awartani, Academy President and Minister of Education, who welcomed participants and attendees from all national institutions. In his speech, he gave an account of the latest developments and various programs implemented by the Ministry. He pointed out that this event comes as part of the initiative of cooperation with the Scientific Societies. Pointing out that this meeting will be led by a joint team of specialized representatives of universities, teachers and distinguished students and Ministry of Education. 

This was followed by opening remarks by Dr. Basri Saleh, the Deputy Minister at Ministry of Education, In his address, explained Contributing to enhancing the role of science, technology and communications in building our Students, and gave a brief presentation of a proposal from the Ministry on STEM ONLINE program, where the proposal included programs and activities for addressing students remotely, allowing students to listen to scientists in one of the fields of STEM, and the expected interventions for teachers through cooperation with various institutions and training them on STEM topics, and the idea of universities to engage school students and embracing them at an early age, especially those who have a passion for knowledge and learning through conferences or open days, as well as through competitions (Olympiads and robotics), Dr. Basri emphasized this opportunity in presence of scientific societies specialized in the fields of science and technology to provide support, ideas and providing space in their plans, programs and activities for students.

The aim of the meeting was to activate the means of cooperation for the scientific Societies and the national initiatives and the Ministry of Education incubated in relation to the promotion of science for students at the school level, their inclusion in the STEM program of science-technology-engineering-mathematics and the junior researcher and others, and to support the training of school students in scientific research and critical thinking It was agreed to involve distinguished teachers in these scientific societies and to form follow-up committees.

At the end of the meeting Dr. Basri summarized the overall discussion in the following outlines:

  • Exploratory Science Days
  • Competitions and Olympiad
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship and creativity and providing incubators for students
  • Developing teachers ’performance in various science subjects and in STEM in particular
  • Curriculum development
  • Strengthening the young researcher in various fields
  • Opening international windows for students
  • Activating and expanding scientific clubs
  • Awareness to increase students' orientation towards learning science and mathematics.
  • Cooperation with universities and scientific societies
  • Investing in the field of distance education learning

An interactive educational platform for teachers and students will be launched with the participation of our scholars at home, diaspora and with experience from National institutions in Palestine.