Highlights on Academy achievement coincident at its establishment in 1998 (The Academy twenty years ago)

Highlights on Academy achievement coincident at its establishment in 1998 (The Academy twenty years ago)

11 November, 2019

Since its establishment in 1998, the Academy has carried several activities entailed the drafting its organizational chart, policy and action plan. It conducted and participated in local, regional and international conferences, seminars, meetings, and workshops. This has helped the Academy in gaining experience in certain S&T policy issues, developing its future action plan and programs based on national needs and in congruence with regional and international political and developmental dimensions. 

Such activities entailed initiatives for scientific and technological collaboration on water research priorities, micronutrient deficiencies and nutrition, bio-diversity, opportunities in Tele-medicine. The Academy has Hosted the third meeting of Scientific Academies and Councils of the Middle East Region in May 1999, in association with the US National Academy of Sciences. At this meeting, the Presidents approved 4 workshops as initiatives for scientific and technological collaboration for the years 1999 and 2000. The approved 4 workshops included the following: A workshop on research priorities on water; a workshop on micronutrient deficiencies and nutrition; a workshop on bio-diversity and; a symposium on opportunities in Tele-medicine. 

The Academy participated in a regional workshop on bio-diversity was held during the period of 22nd -23rd May 2000 at Blaustein Institute for Desert Research in Sede Boqer. The participating institutions decided to prepare collaborative country proposals aiming to increase the availability of regional data on biodiversity, evaluate options for enhancing the role of biota in providing ecosystems, and to identify opportunities for regional approaches to the conservation of biodiversity.

The academy has produced a country report that tackles the issue of water highlighting the ongoing research in the field of water and wastewater in the Palestinian areas with emphasis on the constraints, gaps and opportunities for developing research properly in the future. The report also sheds light on the existing research infrastructure and institutions and tries to address the needs of the research infrastructure in a way that enables proper research to be accomplished in Palestine. It also defines the research gaps in the field and lists a number of proposed pieces of research to be conducted.

The Academy has also produced several publications and documents in consultation with local experts and cooperation with local regional and international sister academies and scientific councils. These entailed Guidelines for National Research Fund, a report under the title "Water for the Future: the West Bank and GAZA Strip, Israel and Jordan", a report on the status of micronutrient deficiencies in the West Bank and GAZA Strip, Israel and Jordan, and two reports on Water and Bio-diversity.