Ashwaq Adel Yousef Najjar 

Ashwaq Adel Yousef Najjar 

PGSB Fellow
Palestine polytechnic university 

Specialization: Plant improvement and nutrition /Plant Physiology and fertilization

German supervisor: Dr. Arnd Kuhn and Dr. Chris Kuchendorf

Palestinian supervisor:  Dr. Sharaf Al-Tardeh

Project Title: Use of bio-char and algal biomass for sustainable crop production

Project Purpose: In this project we aim to investigate the safe transfer of nutrients such as N and P from wastewater to crop plants in the form of bio-fertilizer using ATS (Algae Turf Schrrber) method. Following the "Terra Preta - Soils" model, bio-char can be applied to the poor soil for the improvement of soil properties such as; water retention, soil ion exchange capacity, soil structure. The ultimate goals of applying these fertilizers " bio-char & algae biomass" are soil fertility increasing, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient losses, and the use of marginal areas for sustainable crop production.