Asma Qdemat

Asma Qdemat

Faculty research cluster exchange
University of Cologne

Department: Department of Physical Chemistry

Faculty: science faculty

Specialization: Physics

Cluster participants in FZJ /German universities: Hoffmann, Bernd, FZJ, ICS-7, Mörtl, Simone, Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Schmitz, Sabine, FZJ, Qdemat, Asmaa,  Cologne University, Csiszár, Agnes, FZJ, ICS-7, Disch, Sabrina, Cologne University

Cluster participants at Palestinian universities: Abu Reesh, Mosab and Omar Abu Abed, Hebron University, Al Battah, Feras Fayez, Arab American University-Palestine (AAUP), Makharza, Sami, Hebron University 

Research Cluster Title: NanoScience 

Role in the research cluster: scientific researcher