Dr. Sami A Makharza

Dr. Sami A Makharza

Faculty research cluster exchange
Hebron University

Department: Pharmacy

Faculty: Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Specialization: Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Cluster participants in FZJ /German universities: Csiszár, Agnes, Institute of Complex Systems, Biomechanics (ICS-7) , FZJ, Disch, Sabrina and Asma Qdemat , Cologne University,Department of Physical Chemistry.

Cluster participants at Palestinian universities: Abu Abed, Omar and Abu Reesh, Mosab , Hebron University, Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine,  Hebron University, Al Battah, Firas , Arab American University-Palestine , Biology and Biotechnology Dept, Faculty of Sciences

Research Cluster Title:Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy

Role in the research cluster: Application of Nanoparticles in cancer therapy