Mahmoud Joma' Mahmoud Zeer

Mahmoud Joma' Mahmoud Zeer

PGSB Fellow
Bethlehem university

Specialization: Physics

German supervisor: Prof.  Yuriy Mokrousov 

Palestinian supervisor: Dr. Jamal Ghabboun.

Project title: Topology of magnetization control for complex magnets.  

Project Purpose: is to classify possible magnetic topological phases prone to collinear ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic and non-collinear complex materials. The ultimate goal of the project is to employ first principles theoretical calculations for establishing reliable means of switching between various topological phases in realistic magnetic materials by utilizing the effect of the electric field, as manifested in the phenomena of spin-orbit torque and magnetic anisotropy, thereby establishing the magnetization degree of freedom as a unique and technologically relevant tool to control the topological properties.