Interactive school lectures by world renowned scientist Prof. Munir Nayfeh

Interactive school lectures by world renowned scientist Prof. Munir Nayfeh

29 نيسان, 2019

Professor Munir Nayfeh, in collaboration with the Academy and the Palestinian Ministry of Education, held interactive lectures on the topic of nanotechnology for high school students, namely grade 11 students of the scientific branch, at Al-Bireh Secondary Girls School, Ramallah, Al-Aa'ishiyah Secondary Girls School, Nablus, Al Hussein Bin Ali Secondary School in Hebron and Dar Al Aytam Secondary School in Jerusalem.


Students and teachers were able to learn about and handle nano-samples like silicon nanoparticles, fiberglass, carbon nano-tubes, graphene, silicon oxide (SiO2) nanoparticles, silicon wafer crystals, luminescent silicon wafers, in addition to dark-light lamp demonstrations. In addition they learnt about Prof. Nayfeh's scientific journey and his beginnings in the field.

These interactive lectures are the first of a lecture series to be conducted by world renowned scientists invited by the Academy, as part of our Science Communication and Outreach Program, aimed at raising the awareness and interest of our public and youth in the various scientific fields and current hot topics of research.

The final lecture by Prof. Nayfeh will take place on Monday, April 29th, 2019, in Jerusalem,

Professor Nayfeh's visit to Palestine comes in preparation for the upcoming summer Symposium on Nanotechnology

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