The Fourth International Conference on Olive in Palestine- ICOP at PTUK


Palestine Technical University Kadoorei (PTUK)


Conference Program

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Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), in coordination and cooperation with the Palestinian Plant Production and Protection Society (PPPPS) at Academy, with co-sponsorship of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Jerusalem (FNF)OXFAM & UWAC & PARC & Al-Ard Ltd. Company, are organizing

The Fourth International Conference on Olive in Palestine” ICOP

19-20 November, 2019, at PTUK

This conference will provide a platform for researchers, professionals and experts of local, regional and international levels from various Palestinian universities and abroad to present their research in the various fields of olive and olive oil in Palestine and the Mediterranean region, and discuss joint issues.

Research topics will cover various olive sectors, olive cultivation, oil production and oil quality, olive history of Palestine and the region, industries production. Additionally, conference topics may also include:

  1. Challenges of other production and protection: Olive cultivars, propagation, irrigation and fertilization, cultivation and pruning, impacts of climate change on live production, post harvest techniques, olive diseases, integrated pest management, and biotechnical applications.
  2. Waste Management: Treatment and management of solid and liquid olive wastes.
  3. National and International Olive Oil Quality and Specifications: Specifications of Palestinian olive oil, production of organic oil, health benefits of olive oil, marketing, and physical and chemical tests.
  4. Synergistic role of stakeholder to develop and improve olive sector: The role of governmental institutions, NGO’s, research centers in developing olive sector, olive sector politics, and the role of farmers and agriculture societies in political and legal environments of live sector.
  5. Role of Biotechnology research in improving olive sector: Application of biotechnology in olive production.

Field experts, researchers and students are invited to participate. Those who are interested in participating by sending E-mail to 

Olive Exhibition

Parallel to the conference activities, a three day exhibition of olive products will be held at PTUK

For more information, visit the conference webpage