Dr. Mohammad Abuabiah

Dr. Mohammad Abuabiah

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
An-Najah National University

Department: Mechatronics Engineering 

Faculty: Engineering

Specialization: Control Engineering 

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology

Host university: Concordia University 

Host Department: Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Canadian Partner: Prof. Wen-Fang Xie

Research Domain: Mechatronics, Control and Robotics

Research Project Title: Key technology in direct data-driven control design with application to industrial robotics system

Research Project Purpose: The common need for accurate and efficient control of today’s industrial applications is driving the system identification field to face the constant challenge of providing better models of physical phenomena. Usually, systems encountered in real-world applications are often complex and an accurate model of the plant to be controlled usually is not available. Therefore, this raises the need for direct data-driven control (DDDC) approach; which do not rely on plant model identification since available input-output data experimentally collected from the plant are directly used to design the controller. Thus, this research activity aims to investigate different approaches related to DDDC design method to be applied to real-world system application in industrial parallel robots based on optical CMM sensor.

Expected Results:

  • To design a controller for industrial application related to parallel robotics system without the need of an identified model of the system, 
  • To simulate the performance of the proposed control system using different DDDC techniques, 
  • To manipulate the controller in real/laboratory system to validate the performance of the system experimentally, 
  • To compare the numerical and experimental results with literature solutions in order to verify the performance of each methods, 
  • Publication of the obtained results on a possible conference or as brief journal paper.