Dr. Suleiman M Baraka

Dr. Suleiman M Baraka

Senior Research Scientist  , Astrophysics and Space Plasma Kinetic Simulation
National Institute of Aerospace-NASA, Al- Aqsa University & Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas

Home Institution: National Institute of Aerospace-NASA, Hampton Virginia, US. 

Previous Home Institution: Founder and director of center for astronomy and space sciences at AL-Aqsa University Gaza (Retired now)

Host French partner: Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas 

French Partner: Dr. Olivier Le Contel 

Research Domain: Simulation of the interaction of solar wind with planets magnetic field. Data analysis of spacecraft such as MMS, Themis and Cluster. 

Research Project Title: Impact of Ionospheric outflow on the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling: A kinetic approach.

Research Project Purpose: The Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling is a hot topic in all space missions and programs worldwide, including the French CNES. The flow of ions from the ionosphere to magnetosphere change its dynamics thus impact with unpredictable consequences air-borne satellites and space weather effects. On the other hand, this coupling has a dangerous consequence on hypertension electrical networks, civil aviation’s, rocket sciences and telecommunications. 

Main outputs/results: Research are still ongoing with broader scope and more comprehensive tools. Please see www.sbaraka.ca 

Sharing Conferences: www.sbaraka.ca