Al Maqdisi Programme

Al Maqdisi2

The Al Maqdisi programme is the French-Palestinian Hubert Curien partnership. It is coordinated by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), and by the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem.

Al Maqdisi Programme aims at developing and strengthening scientific and academic exchanges between French and Palestinian higher education institutions and research organisations. 

To this purpose, it supports the mobility of French and Palestinian researchers and seeks to foster new structuring collaborations, closer ties with the private sector, as well as to encourage the participation of young researchers. The programme is open to all scientific fields.

These programs will provide an opportunity to integrate Palestinian researchers into French-funded research projects and its network of national and international partners and their research funding programs which will allow them to carry out their scientific research projects in collaboration with researchers in France.

The 16th Call for project proposals in scientific research 2021 was launched in April 2021, where researchers will be selected from Palestinian Higher Education Institutions, with transparent and based on merit selection process.

The application deadline in 2021 is June 14th

For more information, visit the Campus France webpage

The English version of the call for applications  is available here

How to find a Partner in France:

How to apply? 1 Application for both teams: the project must be submitted only by the French project leader on the Campus France platform

Meet the Palestinian and French teams coordinators



List of Palestinian researchers who can help with the process submission of the application and identification of the French partners