Palestinian German Science Bridge PGSB – Next Live Event in 2022



The PGSB Advisory Committee agreed to host a face-to-face event from 22-27 October 2022 in Palestine. We are currently designing the program of the event in cooperation with the research cluster scientists.  
As a program with the motto, ‘Connecting People with Ideas’, the Palestinian-German Science Bridge is dedicated to finding the best formats to continue our progress in building excellent research cooperation between the research center Jülich and research institutions in Palestine.

so please block these dates in your calendars. 

In addition to the suggested meeting, we would like to highlight the following cooperation activities that are possible at this time:

  • Networking visits of PhD Fellows (travelling via Amman) are encouraged, as are faculty visits from Palestinian partners who are invited to visit Jülich. 
  • All research clusters are encouraged to hold topical meetings and/or schools at a time, location and format (virtual/in-person) of their choosing. FZJ and PALAST will assist with coordination as necessary.