34 Palestinian Researchers Awarded Scholarly Grants for Research Projects at Quebec Universities

34 Palestinian Researchers Awarded Scholarly Grants for Research Projects at Quebec Universities

15 February, 2023

Palestine Academy for Science and Technology and the Quebec Research Fund awarded 34 Palestinian researchers from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem a scientific mission for research projects in three broad fields, including medical and health sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, social sciences, humanities, and arts. This was after interviews the applicants from the evaluation Committees , consist from the Advisory Committee and elite Palestinian university professors nominated by PQSB Steering Committee, at the Academy premises in Ramallah for West Bank researchers  and via Zoom meeting for Gaza researchers, in which they were distributed into three committees representing the main areas of research that belongs to the applicants for the grant (the Humanetarian  Sciences Committee with its branches, the Science, Engineering and Technology Committee, and the Health Sciences Committee). 

Based on the framework of the Palestine-Quebec Cooperation Program (Palestine-Quebec Science Bridge 2017-2023), which is implemented by the Academy in partnership with the Quebec Research Fund, funded by the Local Government of the Quebec district of Canada. 

The Advisory Committee selected 34 researchers out of 71 from this year's applicants, all from Palestinian universities and institutions, based on specific criteria aimed at achieving the objectives of the program. According to this grant, the elected researchers will do a research visit ranging from 2 - 3 months to a number of Quebec universities and institutes involved in this program with the aim of conducting research in multiple scientific fields, also, in partnership with Quebec researchers from host universities in Quebec district, which aimed to motivate, enhance scientific and research cooperation, and build bridges for academic cooperation between researchers in Quebec and their counterparts in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza. 

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