The 4th OWSD- Palestine National Chapter executive committee meeting - Establishing Subcommittee

The 4th OWSD- Palestine National Chapter executive committee meeting - Establishing Subcommittee

17 August, 2020

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) hosted the fourth meeting for the OWSD- Palestine National Chapter executive committee on Monday, August 10th, 2020.
The meeting was attended by: 

  • Dr. Amira Shaheen; Chair
  • Dr. Elham Kateeb; Vice-Chair 
  • Prof. Hala El-Khozondar; Secretary (from Gaza via Zoom)
  • Dr. Shahenaz Najjar; Treasurer
  • Dr. Areej Khatib; Member 
  • Dr. Wafaa Khater; Member 
  • Dr. Ayman Al-Haj Daoud; Member and representative of PALAST

Each member of the executive committee was assigned one or two of the OWSD- Palestine National Chapter objectives to work on. Where each member will write a detailed plan and define strategies to achieve these objectives and implement them on the ground. These strategies should also take in consideration the current situation of the pandemic of COVID-19. 

The description of a total of six subcommittees where agreed on and each member was assigned to be the executive-committee-to-subcommittee liaison. A questionnaire will be distributed among all members from the OWSD- Palestine National Chapter (93 members to this date) to gauge their interests in joining the subcommittees and decide in which subcommittee they would like to be involved. 

The subcommittees and their descriptions:



Membership Committee

This committee supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. Members of the committee identify potential new members, contact lapsed members, and engage current members. Occasionally the membership committee will provide input and feedback regarding membership needs, programs and policies.
Scientific Committee Lead the development and oversee the implementation of OWSD-Palestine Scientific Program. Members of the Scientific Committee represent major scientific disciplines of OWSD, they usually: 1) provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experience; 2) Provide opportunities for further professional and career development
Research Committee


This committee aims to initiate research of interest to the chapter on the challenges that face women scientists in Palestine and collect data about Women in Science in Palestine, the region and the World. 

Fundraising Committee This committee has the task to develop the financial resources for the chapter’s projects and activities. Donors, investors, NGOs and the private sector will be invited to  support OWSD-Palestine chapter as part of their social responsibility towards science and research.
Communication and Media Committee

This committee is responsible for developing, updating and monitoring OWSD-Palestine chapter communications policies, social networking accounts, and electronic discussion groups, as well as recommending new ways for the Chapter to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media.
Community Outreach Committee
This committee is responsible for establishing relationships and partnerships with individual, organizations, institutions and the private sector and any other entity that shares OWSD-Palestine chapter objectives, can serve the chapter’s goals or can benefit from the chapter’s services and activities.


The need for forming an Advisory/Honorary Board for the OWSD- Palestine National Chapter was discussed and this kind of advisory board should be important for further developing the Chapter and its activities in the future. At this stage, the executive committee will invite senior Palestinian Women Scientists to register as full members in the OWSD.

At the end of the meeting, Amira Shaheen, the chairperson of the OWSD- Palestine National informed the committee about the meeting she had with her peers from other Arab countries.  The OWSD- Palestine National Chapter will be present in the activities of the ‘Arab Science Week” that will take place between 15th  -23rd August 2020, where she will promote the OWSD- Palestine National Chapter in the Arab region and showcase the Palestinian experience.