The Academy participates in AEMASE Conference on Science Education in Italy

The Academy participates in AEMASE Conference on Science Education in Italy

20 May, 2014

The Academy as an IAP member, represented by Dr. Abdelsalam Shalaab and Mr. Jamal Masalmeh from Ministry of Education and Higher Education, participated in the African-European-Mediterranean Academies for Science Education AEMASE Conference (19-20 May 2014), hosted by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome, Italy- in collaboration of 5 prestigious Science Academies in Africa and Europe.

Improving science communication, championing formal and informal science education and fostering citizen science literacy are crucial for sustained economic growth and human welfare. Existing national programmes, which have already brought expertise about inquiry-based science education, especially in primary and lower secondary schools in Europe, must also provide teacher professional development in science. 

This high-level event gathered 50 delegations from African, European and Mediterranean countries. UNESCO in particular contributed to the opening session and to session 6 Round table - Programmes for SE in the African-European-Mediterranean region, views from institutions and foundations. Yolanda Valle-Neff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), represented the Organization on that occasion. At primary and secondary schools, science education (SE) is currently viewed as in a state of crisis, calling for attention in many countries. In developed countries it is one reason of the decreasing appetite of students for careers in science and technology, which risks lowering the level of industrial innovation and imperiling future economies. A sound and attractive SE appears also critical in developing countries, due to its very efficient role in hastening development.


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