Extending the PGSB until 2024 with further 3.2 Million Euro

Extending the PGSB until 2024 with further 3.2 Million Euro

25 March, 2020

Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) and Juelich Research Center (FZJ) are glad to announce that our application for further funding and an extension of the Palestinian-German Science Bridge Project has been approved by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

This decision enables us to invest a further 3.2 Million Euro in the development of our scientific cooperation between Palestine and Germany, for example by providing financial support for visiting guest scientists, joint workshops and BSc, MSc. and PhD stipends. The project will run until mid-2024. 

And we would like to thank the board of directors, institute directors at FZJ and the many colleagues whose participation and support have led to the success of the PGSB, and we would like to give special acknowledgement to the efforts of advisory committee members Prof. Ghaleb Natour, Prof. Hans Ströher and Prof. Uwe Rau, Palestinian Advisory and Steering Committees, as well as to Dr. Sybille Krummacher and Dr. Cate Morgan from the corporate development department and finally to the BMBF for their continued support.

As always, any interested colleagues are very welcome to join in the activities of PGSB. We hope our next event, the 5th Cooperation Workshop, can take place as planned from 15-18 June 2020 in Jülich.