MoE launch the third season of Exploring Science Program in collaboration with PALAST

MoE launch the third season of Exploring Science Program in collaboration with PALAST

12 April, 2023

The Ministry of Education (MoE) in partnership with Palestine Academy for Science & Technology (PALAST) will launch the 3rd Season of Exploring Science for school students on 29th of April! 

Stay Tuned to be part of this exciting journey of knowledge and scientific exploration with outstanding Palestinian pioneers in science and technology!, . You can find more details on the program in the fact sheet 

What's new in this season: This season will have ambassadors from members of the scientific research community in Palestine, The Researchist, . It aims at making scientific research a language for youth and spreading its culture among young people, in addition to, supporting researchers and young scientists. The ambassadors are undergraduate and postgraduate university students who are studying different scientific disciplines.



these series of virtual talks on science and inspirational conversations between scientists and school students. These talks will typically address interesting scientific issues in a manner that would make them accessible and appealing. 

These talks will be given by invited scholars from home and from diaspora and will cover a variety of issues in science, engineering, technology, environment, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and more. 

This weekly event that brings great minds in science to meet with our school students in Palestine and inspire them to learn exciting new research and groundbreaking science, aims at elevating students’ interest in science and cultivating inquiry and wonder. 

It is noteworthy to mention that the first and the second season of the program was a remarkable success; It revealed a serious desire among the students to learn about scientific experiences from the homeland and abroad, and to benefit from the contents of the lectures rich in knowledge.

Talks will be organized via Microsoft Teams and will be live streamed through the ministry’s Facebook.

All talks will be given in Arabic. 

To attend , please use the Ministry of Education Website

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