OWSD Palestine National Chapter (NC)

OWSD Palestine National Chapter (NC)

3 March, 2020

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology congratulates the OWSD-Palestine National Chapter Executive Committee on receiving the OWSD President Jennifer Thomson approval for the establishment of the chapter.  The Executive committee includes; 

  • Chair: Dr. Amira Shaheen - 
  • Vice-Chair: Dr. Elham Kateeb 
  • Secretary: Dr. Hala El-Khozondar
  • Treasurer: Dr. Shahnaz Al-Najjar 
  • Member: Dr. Wafaa Khater 
  • Member: Dr. Areej Al-Khatib 
  • Member: Ayman Al-Haj Daoud Representative of the PALAST Academy

The NC will work under the Academy Umbrella with full support from HE Minister Dr. Marwan Awartani, in which advice and assistance in preparing funding proposals or other related matters will be provided, in addition to the support and assistant from OWSD Organization.

The NC will start its role in promoting and organizing activities on a national and regional level and identifying potential funders of regional activities, according to the objectives of OWSD organization by:

  • Increasing the participation of women in developing countries in scientific and technological research, teaching and leadership;
  • Promoting the recognition of the scientific and technological achievements of women scientists and technologists in developing countries;
  • Promoting collaboration and communication among women scientists and technologists in developing countries and with the international scientific community as a whole;
  • Increasing access of women in developing countries to the socio-economic benefits of science and technology;
  • Promoting participation of women scientists and technologists in the development of their country: and,
  • Increasing understanding of the role of science and technology in supporting women's development activities.

The Academy very much look forward to working with NC and fostering the objectives of OWSD organization through our vision and through our combined efforts on a national, regional and international level. 

The Official Address for PNC-OWSD will be:
OWSD Palestine National Chapter
Palestine Academy for Science & Technology (PALAST)
11 Emile Touma Street, Al Masayef, 
Al Bireh, Ramallah, Palestine

URL: www.pnc-owsd.palast.ps (will be launch soon)