OWSD-Palestine National Chapter response to COVID-19

OWSD-Palestine National Chapter response to COVID-19

9 April, 2020

During this time of global pandemic crisis of COVID19, and in response to the call from the international scientific academies on the integration roles between decision makers and specialized experts, and global solidarity regarding the pandemic of COVID-19. The Academy and the OWSD-Palestine National Chapter Executive Committee have held a virtual meeting on April 09 via zoom technology. 

The Executive Committee will work for collective action on the National scale to improve and accelerate the use of research and its outputs for the global public good. 

This meeting focused on the discussion how the researchers will respond to the spread of COVID-19 in Palestinian society and its impact of social, psychological, health, medical, educational and economic on society Palestinian level.

The Executive Committee with Academy will work on discussing several matters with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and related institutions, in order to start a comprehensive study of the current situation, and the feasibility of implementing it nationally, and they will attract interested researchers to complete this research study.