The Palestinian Chemical Society organized the IX. Palestinian International Chemistry Conference at Bethlehem University

The Palestinian Chemical Society organized the IX. Palestinian International Chemistry Conference at Bethlehem University

4 November, 2019

The Palestinian Chemical Society, in coordination with the Academy and Bethlehem University, organized the IX. PALESTINIAN INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY CONFERENCE from 1-2 November, 2019, at Bethlehem University, via Skype Conference with Al Aqsa University in Gaza, with sponsorship of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Jerusalem (FNF), and local Palestinian Industrial companies.

The opening ceremony started by a welcoming address from Dr. Michel Hanania, Dean of the Faculty of Science and the chair of the organizing committee of the conference. thanked participants, sponsors and partners of the conference and finally wished them a fruitful conference and a pleasant stay at Bethlehem University.

In her address, Dr. Irene Hazou, the vice president for academic affairs of Bethlehem University, emphasized on the importance of connecting academia with the needs of the market, thus program are being reviewed to be more related to the employability and the industry. She finally welcomed all participants in behalf of the vice chancellor of the University. 

The next speaker was Mr. Iyad Abu Samra, the representative of His Excellency Dr. Abu Mweis, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, where he stressed on the importance of such conference for the benefit of higher education and research.

followed by Dr. Ibrahim Masri, representative of Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, he assured the reiterated the commitment of the Academy in providing all means of facilities in all fields of science and technology including financial, administrative and logistical support. 

Finally, Mrs. Jannet Barhoum, from AlRaed Cosmetics, represented the Palestinian Federation of Industries. In her address, she spoke about the role of Federation in setting policies for the development of the Palestinian Industry. She also pointed out the crucial role of universities in graduating good chemists who are able to accommodate in the Chemical Industrial companies, at the end of the opening ceremony, the partners and sponsors were honored by both Dr. Irene Hazou and Dr. Michel Hanania. 

The first lecture was given by a keynote speaker, Prof. Poppe Laszlo from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics entitled: Adventures in the field of Biocatalysis”.  The second keynote speaker was Prof. Talal Shahwam from Beirzeit University whose lecture targeted the Application of Iron Nanomaterials in the Abatement of Aqueous Pollutants. 

In the second day of the conference, Skype lectures were given by colleagues from Gaza Strip since they did not get the required permits to be present. In his keynote speak, Prof. Issa Nahhal from Al-Azhar University – Gaza lectured on Mesoporous Materials: Synthesis, structure characterization and applications. 

After that two parallel sessions were made, in which 26 lectures were given in different fields of pure and applied chemistry. Additionally, guest keynote speaker, Prof. Abdelkhaleq Chakir from the Université de Reims talked about Atmospheric Chemistry of Volatile Organic Compounds and Air Pollution

On the same time, there was a poster session where more than 15 papers were shown in different aspects.

At the end, the Palestinian Chemical Society Founding Council and all chemistry experts from Palestinian universities, concluded the following recommendations:

  • The 10th Palestinian International Conference on Chemistry to be held in March 2021 at Palestine Technical University-Kadoori (PTUK)
  • Establishment of a national research laboratory, with advanced analysis devises
  • Strengthening the partnership with national industries to provide research grants for graduate students to serve research and development in industry

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