Professor Nassar raises the curiosity of school students about "nano" research and its applications

Professor Nassar raises the curiosity of school students about "nano" research and its applications

6 June, 2021

The Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology and the Higher Council for innovation and Excellence, hosted, virtually, within the ninth episode of the (Exploring Science) program, Professor Nashaat  Nassar from  the University of Calgary, Canada .
This week episode was marked by the introduce  the guest  Professor  , from  Student Lian Al-Raja'i from Dora Girl's secondary school, who expressed her happiness at managing the meeting events ; which translates the program's philosophy and focus on students and  them  participate and interact.


Professor Nassar raised curiosity and questions among school students and attendees about nanotechnology research and its applications in several fields, during his lecture in which he discussed new and interesting axes about the basics of scientific research in the field of nanotechnology and its applications in energy production, drinking water, industrial water purification, and others, reviewing the most prominent The solutions offered by this technology globally.

At the beginning of the episode, the Director General of  Educational Supervision, Ayoub Alyan, spoke , on behalf of the Minister of Education, Prof. Marwan Awartani, where he welcomed the guest professor and praised his experiences and specialization in the field of nanotechnology, stressing the importance of sustaining and maximizing the impact of this program in the educational system, especially in light of the interaction witnessed in its sessions between students, researchers and scientists and their serious desire to learn about knowledge, sciences and inventions away from patterns traditional.

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